Ponente: Kenneth J. Gergen

Titulo: "From Meaning to Action: The Emerging Challenge in Psychotherapy"


Department of Psychology      

Swarthmore College      

Swarthmore, PA   19081

(610) 328-8434

(610) 328 -7814 (fax)

Email:  kgergen1@swarthmore.edu

Web:   www.swarthmore.edu/SocSci/kgergen1/      


Academic History


B.A.  Yale University, 1953-57

Ph.D.  Duke University, 1959-1962

DSS (Hon.) Tilburg University, 1988

DHL (Hon.) Saybrook Institute, 1991

DSS (Hon.) University of Athens, 2009

Honorary Professor, University of Buenos Aires, 1997


Positions Held


Present Position:


Senior Research Professor. Department of Psychology. Swarthmore College           


President of The Taos Institute


Affiliate Professor Tilburg University -Tilburg, Netherlands


1985-2006: Gil and Frank Mustin Professor of Psychology


1967-85: Associate Professor; Professor, Swarthmore College

1967-77- Chairman, Department of Psychology, Swarthmore College.


1971-1981. Senior Research Scientist, Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute


1963-67: Assistant Professor of Social Psychology, Harvard University; also Chairman of the Board of Tutors and Advisors, Department of Social Relations


Selected Awards


·      John Solomon Guggenheim Fellow, 1967-69

·      Fulbright Hays Research Scholar (Japan, 1971-72; France, 1976-77; Argentina, 1993)

·      Honorary Doctorate of Social Science, Tilburg University, Tilburg, Netherlands, November 1987

·      Fellow, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, 1988-89

·      Alexander von Humboldt Prize in the Humanities, 1989

·      Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, Saybrook Institute, 1991

·      Honorary Professor, University of Buenos Aires. Argentina, 1996

·      Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar, 1996-97

·      McGregor Award for Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 1999

·      Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, 2000

·      Fellow, The World Academy of Art and Science, 2002

·      Distinguished Contribution to Psychology Award, Division on Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, American Psychological Association, 2005

·      Lifetime Contribution Award, Society for Constructivism in the Human Sciences, 2005

·      Theodore Sarbin Award, American Psychological Association, 2007

·      Honorary Doctorate, University of Athens, 2007

·      Decade of Behavior Award, National Communication Association, 2007      

·      Lifetime Achievement Award, Constructivist Psychology Network, 2008

·      Honorary Visiting Professor, Adolfo Ibanez University, Chile, 2008      

·      Fellow, Society of  Experimental Social Psychology, 2009             

·      PROSE Award (Professional and Scholarly Excellence), Association of American  Publishers, 2010

·      Erving Goffman award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Social Interaction, Media Ecology Association, 2010




Selected Association Memberships


·      American Psychological Association (Fellow in Divs. 1, 8, 9, 10, 24, 26, 32, 52)

·      President Div. 10, Psychology & the Arts (1987-88)

·      President Div. 24, Theoretical & Philosophical Psychology (1987-88)


Selected Books


The concept of self. 

New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1971.


Toward transformation in social knowledge

New York: Spring-Verlag, 1982. 2nd. ed.1994, London: Sage. Japanese edition, Nakanishiya Shuppan, 1998.


Historical social psychology

Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum, 1984 (edited with M. Gergen).


The social construction of the person

New York: Springer-Verlag, 1985 (edited with K.E. Davis).


Texts of identity

London: Sage, 1989 (edited with J. Shotter).


The saturated self,

New York: Basic Books, 1991. Spanish  translation: El yo saturado. Barcelona: Paidos. German translation: Das Ubersattigte Selbst. Heidelberg: Carl Auer. Greek translation,  Ellinika Grammata,1997.


Therapy as social construction.

London: Sage, 1992 (edited with S. McNamee). Spanish edition, La terapia como construccion social, Barcelona: Paidos, 1996. Portugese edition, A terapia como construcao social, Porto Alegre: Artes Medicas, 1998: Japanese edition, 1997; Italian edition, La terapia come costruzione sociale, Milano: Franco Angeli, 1998; Korean translation, Seoul: Kakjisa. 2004



Realities and relationships,  soundings in social construction.  Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1994. Spanish edition, Realidades y Relaciones, Barcelona: Paidos; Danish edition, Virkelighed og relationer, Dansk Psykologisk Forlag, 1997; Japanese edition Nakanishya Shuppan, 2004.


Relational Responsibility.

Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 1999 (With S. McNamee).


An Invitation to Social Construction.

London: Sage (1999). Also Le constructionisme sociale, Geneva: Delchaux et Nestle, 2002; Konstruierte Wirklichkeiten, Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 2002, Japanese translation, 2005. Second edition, Danish translation, Mindspace, 2010,  Italian translation in process. 


Social Construction in Context.

London: Sage (2001)


Therapeutic Realities 

Chagrin Falls, OH: Taos Institute Publications (2006). Also, Construire la realite, Paris: Editions du Seuil, 20004; Construir la realidad, Barcelona: Paidos, 2005; Greek translation in process.


Horizons in Buddhist Psychology 

Chagrin Falls, OH: Taos Institute Publications (2006) Edited with M. Kwee and F. Koshikawa.


Relational Being, Beyond Self and Community.

New York: Oxford University Press. (2009) Winner of the PROSE Award (Professional and Scholarly Excellence), Association of American  Publishers, 2010, and the Erving Goffman award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Social Interaction, Media Ecology Association, 2010. Danish translation, 2010, Dansk Psykologisk Forlag.